Products and services

Current automation for SMEs is mainly built-to-order, expensive and rigid, so they cannot benefit from automation. Having cheap and accessible automation is a key factor in staying profitable. We solve this by providing smart automation components.

– Supply Plug And Play automation modules to end-users and distributors
– Consulting and integration services on large scale or mission critical automation
– Cloud based data services and Digital Twin/3D Simulation
– Community driven developments

Our smart and intelligent I-Gripper is the first anchor product in a planned product line of components for agile and flexible automation. Its integrated intelligence and sensors distribute the complexity of a central control system to loosely couples intelligent orchestrated devices. Adding new functionality to an automation is as easy as installing a new App on your mobile phone.

Our Systems are ideal for small batch-size manufacturing and assembly with sorting, quality control and pick-and-place tasks requiring frequent reconfiguration. Typical industries include machining, electronics assemblies, food and pharmaceutical. Prototyping and other price-sensitive tasks are the horizontal connection between all of these markets.