For investors

The laboratory is an important place where new drugs are developed and our food or products are tested. With a market volume of 50 Billion EUR it’s not at all a niche market.

Current laboratory process automation solutions are built to order and made with stationary and expensive industrial robots. Millions of expensive working hours of highly skilled staff is wasted with repetitive work that could be done faster, better and cheaper with smart autonomous robots if only these robots would be available.

Our vision is that each of the 1 Million lab workers worldwide have access to their own personal autonomous lab assistant, just as they have their own PC, lab coat and mobile phone. Our personal lab assistant will save time, enhance productivity and reduce errors.

So we want you to think about the this technological future, invest and help us to create it. If you want to get in contact with us, please fill in the following contact form.
If there is more interest we also can talk about our business plan directly.